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There are only two residential lots remaining in Stage 1.

New Residential lots have been released in Stage 1A, please click on the Stage 1A tab under Now Selling for more information.

Stage One 






Lot NoLot SizeSales StatusListed Amount
1 818m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold
2 808m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
3 814m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
4 813m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
5 804m2 
bullet_sold.gif Sold  
6 800m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
7 744m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
8 826m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
9 810m2 
bullet_sold.gif Sold  
10 1645m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
11 1451m2 bullet_available.gif Available $190,000
12 919m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
13 789m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
14 836m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
15 772m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
16 871m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
17 918m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
18 1085m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
19 943m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
20 1013m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
21 879m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
22 674m2 bullet_available.gif Available $165,000
23 701m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold
24 706m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold  
25 688m2 bullet_sold.gif Sold